BOLANDER - Through The Tube (remastered) +1 Bonus Track


1 Through The Tube Part 1
2 Through The Tube Part 2
3 Through The Tube Part 3
4 Through The Tube Part 4
5 Through The Tube Part 5
6 Through The Tube Part 6 (bonus track)

See also Bolander's followup release, "First Things Last" released in 2010.

Composed and performed by Peter Bolander. This is Peter's debut CD on Dark Duck Records. Recording under just the name Bolander, Peter is relatively new to the ambient genre, coming through the ranks of rock n roll, techno, and industrial electro, he has now settled into the drone genre. His music is veru droney as well as highly textural and experimental at the same time. Through The Tube is a fine debut and Dark Duck Records is proud to have this talented artist on our roster. Recorded and mixed in 2005, remastered and re-released with 1 bonus track in 2010.


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