EXCELSIOR - On The Down Low [Bonus Tracks]

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01 Reflective
02 Settle In
03 Boom Town
04 Back Ally Rally
05 Conspiracy
06 Yacht Music
07 Little Sister
08 The Rights of One Man
09 Easy Goin
10 Hidden Riff
11 Reflective (Nephets Blip Remix)
12 Settle In (Nephets Blip Remix)
13 Boom Town (Nephets Blip Remix)
14 Back Ally Rally (Nephets Blip Remix)
15 Conspiracy (Nephets Blip Remix)
16 Yacht Music (Nephets Blip Remix)

Excelsior's work over the years has been very erratic. Beginning in the early-90's with their spacey ambient "techno" and through minimal techno in the mid 90's through some interesting space music in the late 90's and then some ambient IDM experiments, they have indeed struggled to find "their sound." Well then I guess we should just consider this release the next "chapter" in their history.

In 2007, Excelsior began their first new work in more then 7 years and completed a CD called "Emmitting Diodes." The project was eventually scrapped for some reason and they began work on another set of material. This stuff started taking on a decidedly "down-tempo funk 'n bass blended with ambient" type of sound. Upon completing the material for the CD, they sent a copy to Nephets Blip who started doing some treatments to the music and remixing the whole thing. A decision then had to be made, release just the original tunes, the remixed tunes, or some of both. Ultimately, it was decided to release all the original material, along side some of the remixes. Each "set" stands well on its own making this release a very fascinating experiment, one of which we believe you will enjoy.

As far as the "Emmitting Diodes" release goes, who knows. Perhaps it will be released some day, or maybe Nephets Blip should just remix it :)

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