PERIMETER - Beyond The Perimeter


01 Abandoned Places
02 Fear of Telephones
03 On The Edge of Slumber
04 Sleep Pattern Delta
05 Beyond The Perimeter

Perimeter is 31 year old Andre Buter. After long time exposure to all kinds of electronic music and specifically ambient, all the way back in the earliest Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre periods, Andre decided to create his own music. With a preference for all things dark and gloomy, he formed Perimeter to explore the boundaries of dark perception as he calls it. After a couple of tracks were released through Dark Duck Records’s Drone Download Project, the idea of a full-length CD came into shape. This, the debut album from Perimeter, explores gloomy soundscapes filled with exotic samples and atmospheric noises. This is an album for people that like their ambient dark and highly textured. The title refers to what Andre wants to achieve with this project. To go beyond the perimeter … where that is exactly, is left up to you. Dark Duck Records is proud to present this debut album, with cover artwork by the artist himself.

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