STEPHEN PHILIPS - Avalon Chill [remastered]


1 Minor Cruise
2 Harbor Spot
3 Casino
4 Mt Aida Chill (full-length)

Originally released in 1998 and part of the "Timezones" series, this release was revisited in 2007/2008, remixed and remastered using updated techniques. The results are astounding and present this classic music in an all new light. In addition, in 1998 we were limited to 74 mins on a CD so this release, which actually runs about 78 mins, had to be edited down to fit onto the CD. The track Mt Aida Chill took the hit on the edit. Now that we have 80 min capacity on CDs, the full-length version of Mt Aida Chill can now be heard and the original recording can be restored and enhanced.

The original idea of the series was to create "aural postcards" or music inspired by a particular place, something I've always done in my music but just put into words this time.

Those of you who own the previous edition will be delighted to not only hear the full-length version of Mt Aida Chill, but the sonic enhancements to the overall CD as well as updated and upgraded CD graphics make this an absolutely beautiful re-issue.

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