STEPHEN PHILIPS - Installations 3 :: A Sense of Warmth

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Along the same lines as the CDs in the Cycles series which began back in 1996, this recording is part 3 of a new series of virtual installation pieces, intended for infinite playback. This installment could also make for an decent sleeper disc. This recording features lots of textured drone and minimal ambience, a nice potpourri of sound.

With washes of a soft effervescent glow of light this long-form work creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere, and a great sense of warmth, with which one could easily get lost. From Stephen Philips "Completing this work was a difficult task, as I frequently got so lost in the atmosphere that I lost my creative objectivity. This rarely happens when creating new music but it happened quite frequently with this piece. At times it really sucked me into the slow pace and quiet atmosphere and my stress level seemed to evaporate right away which allowed the piece to breath deeply in such a way as to take on a life of its own."

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