STEPHEN PHILIPS - The Sobbing Stone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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01 Opening Titles
02 The Scientists
03 And Then There Was The Blood
04 Analyzing The Stone
05 What Is He Hearing
06 Questions
07 The Professor
08 Disagreements
09 On The Street
10 Lack of Sleep
11 The Sobbing Stone
12 Running
13 Alan's Theme
14 Ann's Theme
15 Pebbles
16 The Road
17 Michael's Theme
18 Because You're Like My Mother
19 Ann's Epiphany
20 Crucify Him
21 Toward The Cross

Science can't explain it. No one can. A seemingly ordinary stone has been brought to the attention of four of the best paranormal experts in the world. As the hours progress, they find out why. The stone emits sounds, in no particular order, and no one can record them. But why? And how can it do this? This chilling discovery haunts them to the core of their minds and souls... but they can't escape the Sobbing Stone. What they find is a kind of truth that will change their lives forever. The Sobbing Stone... you've got to hear it... to believe.
---- Stacie Jones

This CD is the complete score of original material composed and performed by Stephen Philips. Musically, it is dark and haunting ambient.

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