STEPHEN PHILIPS - From The Vaults Volume 1


$29.99 (all 3 Volumes)

1 Beyond Calm
2 Looking Up Through Clouds
3 Piece of Peace
4 Final Light, Now Fading

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Stephen has begun digging through the vast vaults here at Dark Duck Records and listening through hours of archive recordings. Distant memories, and forgotten lands. Among some of these recordings he has found some amazing sound worlds long forgotten. Once again being inspired by this material, he has started developing a new series of recordings called "From The Vaults" which will be coming out periodically. Offered up here is the first in the series, aptly named, Volume 1. If features some material originally recorded in 1995, 1996, and 1998 along with new mastering techniques, and some newly recorded material, Stephen has begun sculpting this series, which features ambient, drone, and some subtle spacemusic themes. This timeless music sounds as fresh today as it was in 1995/1996 when it was originally recorded.

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