NUMINA / STEPHEN PHILIPS - Descent of The Falcon

Descent of The Falcon CD $12.49

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1.  First Flight

 2.  Circling The Tower

3.  Final Resting Place

4.  The Inner Circle Revealed

5.  Descent of The Falcon


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On 10 May 2008, Stephen Philips went to Denver Colorado, entered the Mysterium, and embarked on yet another massive improvised jam with friend and talented ambient artist Numina (Jesse Sola). The approximately 6 hour jam revealed a variety of interesting things as these artists began to musically mind-meld. They ran the gamut of sounds and styles over these 6 hours and explored some new territory at the same time.

The CD you have here is part 1 of 2 releases that will come from this session. Each release is unique and distinct unto itself and they both represent the best of the best jams from this session.

Those of you who have heard the 2 previous collaborations between these 2 artists will delight in the new direction that the music is taking and it's clear that these artists have started to meld on a new musical realm and take things to a higher level.

The 2nd CD from this session will be issued in December.


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