NUMINA / STEPHEN PHILIPS - Outward Apperance

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1.  A Deeper Calling

 2.  Chain Reaction 

3.  Soft Blue Glow

4.  Outward Appearance


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"Hovering rays spread like a dawning morn, though A Deeper Calling soon reveals itself as a somewhat spooky new day; slightly off-kilter radiance ripples across a beatless terrain of wispy drones, with stratospheric spectres thrumming over its final moments. Chain Reaction (17:22) sets amorphous events into motion, beginning with warm tonal layers and throbbing mists shifting softly around each other; more-mechanical clatters echo rhythmically into the fog, joined briefly by skewed piano-tones. Gradually all-encompassing gusts swallow everything with their dense floes of sonic meteorology.

Gritty textures seep into (and throughout most of) Soft Blue Glow where string-like lows are buried by an insectile vortex, machinery-esque essences and spectral sheens... not exactly soft, blue nor glowing to my ears; often more like a scoured, grey throb (not that that's a bad thing) until thinning out in its later moments, though still a rather eerie space.

Gleaming synthscapes and radiant vocalstreams shimmer in the expansive respiratory movements which open the title track (19:43); eventually a buzzing skyway envelops the horizons, thinning into a pleasantly ominous zone of restrained sci-fi dread and twisting sonic beams. Cool!

Looking/listening beyond the Outward Appearance of these shrouded realms, one sees/hears oblique contours of unknowable elements, forged with ambiences, voices, textures, synths, sample material, drones and glacier bell from Stephen Philips / Numina. Distinctly indistinct and open to interpretation, the four pieces fill 73.5 minutes with obtusely flowing (and often dark) environments."

--David J Opdyke (AmbiEntrance)


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