STEPHEN PHILIPS - Out of Phase 1 (1992)

Stephen Philips - Out of Phase 1 CD Cover

$9.99 Out of Phase 1
$17.99 Out of Phase 1 & 2

01 Sample 1
02 Sample 2
04 Sample 3

1 track, 53 minutes total

See also Stephen Philips - Out of Phase 2 (1993)

Originally recorded 1990-1992 and released in 1992, this release, along with Out of Phase 2, are good examples of the experimental drone textures Stephen was exploring in the early 90's. This *music* can be quite harsh at times but there is also a strange beauty to it and repeated listenings will reveal all new layers of sound. Perhaps not considered a classic recording but recommended for those wishing to connect the dots through the history of Dark Duck Records.

This version on CD is the first ever issuing of this recording on CD. The original recording was released on cassette only and in strict limited quantities. After going out of print about a year later, the recording was locked in the vaults, presumably never to see the light of day again. During the past few years and our "re-opening" of the vaults for our From The Vaults series, we stumbled upon these recordings and decided to finally issue them on CD. Minimal processing was done on the conversion to digital. We wanted to maintain as much of the original rawness that this music as we could. This CD represents the a good representation of what we originally wanted to convey in this music.

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