Rigel Orionis CDs:

Complexities (w/ Stephen Philips)

The Drone Tone

Creative Sociopathy

The Mysteries of Time (w/Orion's Belt)

The Anatomy of Zen Part 1

The Anatomy of Zen Part 2




RIGEL ORIONIS - The Anatomy of Zen (Part 1)


1 Nostracomus
2 Zen Topography
3 The Answer Is...
4 Denial
5 Crawling Towards Utopia
6 Dystemic Distortion
7 Functional Emotionality
8 Smiling On The Disadvantaged

see also Rigel Orionis - The anatomy of Zen 2
See Also Rigel Orionis & Stephen Philips - Complexities

Several years ago, avid music fan and music reviewer Jim Brenholts began making his own music in an attempt to satiate his need for more and more music. The style he adopted as his style was drone. His early experiments were quite harsh at times and lacked depth and structure. He was learning. After several years, and a lot of time spent making music and processing sounds, he was finally started coming into his own and has refined his sound and style in a beautiful way. The Anatomy of Zen Parts 1 and 2 are really 2 sides of the same coin. Both different, but sonically similar, they are considered to be companion pieces and should be listened to side by side. We think these 2 CDs represent the best work Jim has ever done and are optimistic that he will continue to hone his craft and perfect his art and are honored to have Rigel Orionis as part of the Dark Duck Records family.

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